Intel's Kiosk Demo Combines Internet Shopping, Customer Service, Energy Savings

Last month at the NRF show Intel Corp. unveiled a retail point-of-sale (POS) proof-of-concept system that it reports could lower a store's total cost of ownership while improving customer satisfaction.
Taking advantage of a high-performing and energy-efficient chip the company already sells to computer makers, Intel's proof-of-concept exhibits the latest in digital signage and point-of-sale technology in a kiosk form factor, and demonstrates how technology can enhance the retail shopping experience.
Accommodating consumer preferences for self-service fueled by e-commerce trends, the kiosk demonstration includes features that match the perks of Internet shopping, such as suggestive selling real-time inventory access. It also shows promotions, product details and customer reviews. These features in turn also facilitate sales associate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, which will increase retailers' bottom lines and customer loyalty.
The POS demo is based on the energy-efficient 45nm Intel® Core 2 Duo mobile processor that is inside hundreds of millions of today's laptops and PCs. Compared with legacy POS platforms, the processor in the demo can enable more than a 70 percent reduction in required power use while still providing as much as double the amount of raw processing performance as previous generations of processors, the company reports.
As such, energy savings from this POS system are passed on to retailers by way of lower energy bills.
Additionally, Intel vPro technology allows administrators to manage systems remotely, making it possible to turn off all systems overnight to increase energy savings and reduce the need for technicians to go on site for system maintenance, resulting in decreased carbon emissions and lower operational expenses for retailers.
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