Intimates E-Tailer Creates Universal Bra Sizing

HerRoom, an online intimate apparel retailer, announced the launch of its revolutionary Universal Cup Sizing feature, offering full-busted and full-figured women a helpful new way to shop online for their favorite bra styles. The Universal Cup Sizing feature allows women to simplify their bra shopping experience by taking all the brand sizes available at HerRoom, relating them to one another and creating a universal cup size across all brands. Women can then select from the webpage's improved dropdown size menu and make bra purchases knowing all their selections will be the same cup size.

While bra band sizing is universal across all bra brands, bra cup sizing larger than a D cup is not. This problem arose when European, foreign and many U.S. brands came up with proprietary cup naming conventions as woman's needs for larger bra cup sizing increased in demand over the years. HerRoom's move helps women to choose the appropriate bra and cup size and omits the return process for wrong fitting merchandise as an added benefit.

"Bra shopping can be a distressing and confusing experience; however, the Universal Cup Sizing feature I came up with for HerRoom solves the conflict and gives a woman confidence that the bra size she is choosing in any brand – popular to designer brands – will be the right size," says Tomima Edmark, lingerie and undergarment expert and founder of HerRoom. "We are paving the way towards revolutionizing the bra industry, and by unveiling this new feature we've provided accurate information needed to make important purchasing decisions. Women can trust HerRoom as the online retailer in exceptional customer service, high-quality products and consistent cup sizing across all brands."

The Universal Cup Sizing feature is a result of years of thorough research — from understanding consumers to design teams and manufacturers — which have enabled HerRoom to provide a more simplified way for women to purchase a "true" size and fit of their favorite bra brands. Through the convenience of the Universal Bra Sizing feature and a personalized online experience, women will now be able to identify one size — the true bra size across all brands.
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