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Its unusual paid-search campaigns have helped Karmaloop achieve more than 100 percent year-over-year growth, and also allowed the company to pinpoint the precise terms that were driving its profits. Pictured here are products from the Karmaloop collection, which targets the influencer underground youth market.

Boston, MA

Nominated by: ChannelAdvisor |

Targeting the influencer underground youth market requires savvy marketing, and Karmaloop has found a way. Its unusual paid-search campaigns have helped it achieve more than 100 percent year-over-year growth.

Karmaloop recently created a campaign specifically targeting web users who searched for "Karmaloop coupon." Shoppers were then directed to a customized landing page with a special SEM (search engine marketing) promo code; it ended up being one of the company's most successful campaigns.

Karmaloop's paid-search campaigns are powered by software from ChannelAdvisor, whose Keyword Term Generator quickly expanded Karmaloop's descriptive terms to give its paid-search campaigns better results. ChannelAdvisor was also able to add long-tail search terms, including hundreds of keywords and phrases that deliver a consistent presence across all search engines. ChannelAdvisor's Search Marketing Analytics also allowed Karmaloop to pinpoint the precise terms that were driving profits, resulting in an increase in both web traffic and sales volume.

Karmaloop's website engages customers with daily video broadcasts that significantly extend visitors' time spent on the site. The site receives 100,000 visitors weekly, who can click on clothing worn by advocates of their brand in the videos and purchase it on the spot.

With 50,000 Facebook fans and nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter, Karmaloop is also a deft pioneer of social media, an ideal way of keeping in touch with the younger demographic of its customer base and keeping it informed of new inventory and promotions. Karmaloop has also tapped into the power of its audience by creating a widget that can be uploaded to Facebook that allows fans to join its street team and get free products based on a point system. And finally, Karmaloop used mobile technology to create a relief-for-Haiti program, another example of how the company is creatively using technology to create brand awareness and a sense of community.


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