Invertex Launches ScanMat at, Helps Consumers Shop for Shoes


Invertex, an Israeli fashion-tech company, has been chosen as one of the most innovative vendors to showcase their technology at U.S. retail event Invertex, a fashion-tech company providing innovative scan-to-fit shopping platforms powered by 3D and deep-learning, today announces the launch of ScanMat, a cost effective, highly scalable solution, creating feet-to-fit experiences that empowers consumers with the confidence to shop for shoes in-store and online.

Delivering the omnichannel experience, Invertex is a leading provider of scan-to-fit guided shopping experiences platforms that perfectly match people and products. Invertex's combination of powerful AI and 3D technology makes it possible for consumers to trust and enjoy guided and tailored shopping experiences from anywhere. Its proprietary platform is the only end-to-end solution available for footwear brands and retailers providing a trifecta of in-store, online and mobile phone guided scan-to-fit experience.


While in many product categories online, shopping has become the standard, still only 8% of shoes are sold online in the US, with return rates scaling up to 40%. Inaccurate fit and lack of confidence remain two of the most burning pain points throughout the footwear industry that halter ecommerce revenues.


Providing a level of accuracy on a par with high-level expensive hardware scanners, ScanMat takes minimal space in a retail environment, presenting a vastly scalable and economic solution for brands with multiple outlets. Utilizing a unique combination of accurate feet mapping and artificial intelligence allows Invertex to achieve accuracy recommendations at unprecedented levels.

Retailer touchpoints are intrinsic to the omnichannel shopping, believed by many to be the killer retail strategy against the ever-growing dominance of Amazon, in a survey of 46,000 shoppers, the 76 percent who used omnichannel had bigger shopping baskets and 23 percent were more loyal customers.

ScanMat delivers an appealing touch-point for retailers to connect with their customers and collect data. Once a customer has been scanned, a profile is created and sent either via SMS or email in a matter of seconds. Customers can then scan any shoe in the store and be notified of the correct size alongside recommendations of other items that will fit. This quick and easy process automatically redirects customers to e-commerce for future purchases, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital experiences. Customers can also scan their feet via this solution at home when deployed via a retailer app, ensuring the correct size is ordered.

"ScanMat transforms point-of-sale into a positive experience and delivers an engaging retail touchpoint, benefiting both retailers and customers," said CEO of Invertex Technologies David Bleicher. "Alongside providing consumers with the confidence of knowing products will fit, retailers can expect their customers with scanned profiles to visit their ecommerce sites more frequently, incur dramatic increase in conversion rates and up to 50% reduction in return rates. Plus, the data collected by our technology which already incorporates thousands of feet and shoe models creates a valued resource for retailers across core areas, from advertising and planning to D&D and customer care. "

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