Invista Apparel's "Planet Agenda" Targets Sustainability

Invista's apparel division announced the establishment of "Planet Agenda," a campaign that the integrated fibers manufacturer describes as "a new framework for innovation that can help the apparel industry grow in sustainable ways."

Invista says the philosophy of Planet Agenda is intended to combine textile science and technology with sound environmental practices and with the efficient use of resources to improve the industry's environmental performance and reduce its environmental impact.

Planet Agenda has three stated objectives: to minimize the environmental impact of synthetic fibers; to improve natural fiber performance by combining synthetic and natural fibers; and to reduce the impact of consumer garment use.

Invista says it has "made progress in addressing the impact of its manufacturing operations" around the world. It also recently introduced COOLMAX EcoTech wicking fibers and fabrics for legwear. The new product is made using recycled PET containers.

As part of Planet Agenda, Invista is conducting lifecycle analysis studies to help determine how the "cradle-to-grave" impact of different types of garments can be reduced.

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