INVISTA Debuts LYCRA for Denim

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® fiber brand, co-sponsored the Kingpins Show in New York where it showcased its latest innovation: LYCRA® BEAUTY brand fabrics.

Already used successfully in intimate apparel, swimwear, and legwear, LYCRA® BEAUTY brand fabrics are now moving into denim. According to Jean Hegedus, INVISTA’s global director for denim, the technology employed under the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand platform makes it possible to quantify and predict a fabric’s ability to comfortably shape the body.

A recent INVISTA study conducted by Strategic Insights showed that more than 80% of women across the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Italy, were interested in purchasing denim garments that could shape or enhance their body, and that they wanted the denim fabric itself to do the shaping rather than wearing a shaping undergarment with their jeans.

To help address these needs, INVISTA employed a scientific process and body scanning technology to determine the ability of a fabric to provide comfortable shaping. Based on months of testing, INVISTA developed fabric quality standards. Garments made with fabrics that pass these standards are eligible to carry the LYCRA® BEAUTY logo or hang-tag.

"By sourcing fabrics that meet LYCRA® BEAUTY brand quality standards, brands and retailers can have the tools to develop garments that provide comfortable shaping, resulting in a high degree of consumer satisfaction," Hegedus says.
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