INVISTA Expands Portfolio With Acquisition of Flame-resistant Apparel Maker

Fabric manufacturer INVISTA acquired Ashburn Hill Corp., associated intellectual property, including the TECGEN brands, and a manufacturing operation in Texas. The TECGEN flame-resistant garment products expand INVISTA's existing performance and protective fabric offerings, as well as add a new skillset to the company.

"INVISTA has an aggressive growth strategy that includes identifying new business opportunities to allow us to continue building a product portfolio that delivers value to customers," said Jeff Brown, executive vice president, INVISTA Performance Materials. "The TECGEN flame-resistant brands have quickly gained trust in the marketplace, and by coupling that expertise with INVISTA's existing global workwear capabilities, we have high expectations for the specialized garment segment."

The acquisition includes two flame-resistant brands:

TECGEN Select brand: Arc rated, flame and flash fire resistant clothing developed for manufacturing, transportation, mining, oil and gas, and energy utility operations
TECGEN Xtreme brand: NFPA/UL certified, lightweight apparel that repels moisture designed for firefighters for wildland and technical rescue applications

The brands will fall under INVISTA's existing Performance Materials business segment, which includes the CORDURA fabric brand. The TECGEN brand research and development, sales and marketing teams will now have access to INVISTA's global resources with a goal of growing the product offering.

"Developing workwear products with comfort and safety benefits are our priorities," added Brown. "Our expanded team looks forward to building upon this best-in-class flame resistant fiber, fabric and garment technology."

Employees from the Greenville, South Carolina, administration office and Angleton, Texas, manufacturing site will transition to INVISTA, which has 10,000 employees in 20 countries.

Jon Heard–who left INVISTA in 2008 to become chief executive of Ashburn Hill–returns to INVISTA and will continue to lead the business under the new ownership.

The TECGEN brands are distributed through networks in North America and Australia. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Prior to the acquisition, INVISTA held a minority interest in the company.
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