IT and Security Can Decrease Breach Threats with Collaboration

In the data breach era retailers must juggle their customers demand for cutting edge innovation with the need to keep valuable shopper and enterprise data secure. As retailers expand their omnichannel offerings and integrate more digital touch points, they are potentially creating new data vulnerabilities.
To help lessen the possibility of exposure of valuable data to cyber thieves when introducing new solutions to their multi-channel strategy, company loss prevention and security executives must be present during all stages of conceptual and architectural planning.
Loss teams must be tasked with identifying cardholder data, taking inventory of IT assets and business processes that manage payment card processing, and revealing vulnerabilities that could expose cardholder data. Security executives should know the potential ways criminals may infiltrate software and determine the potential consequences of a breach. Most importantly, security teams should plan implementation strategies during the design and development phases, rather than make zero hour remediations following a crisis.
For more on how retailers can bolster their defenses in the fight against cyber criminals download the free RIS IQ report, "New Rules for Cross-Channel Security."
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