It Says Made in USA, But Is It Really?

You want to support Made in USA items, so you spend money during those shopping trips on items that feature the "Made in USA" label. It feels great. You know that if all Americans spent just $66 on USA made items it would generate over 200,000 new jobs. You believe that you are making a difference by doing your part.

But then one day you learn that you have been deceived by manufacturers who are printing false "made in USA" labels for their products.

A recent CBS report announced that the United States government is now finding that companies are now making false claims and they are cracking down on them, specifically with certifiers that issue "Made in USA" seals. One is even allowing partners to use the seal without checking that their products were in fact made in USA.

As the Made in USA discussion gains momentum, it is important to know if the product you are purchasing is in fact 100 percent Made in the USA. Manufacturers, certifiers, and consumers must all take proper actions to ensure they have a trustworthy shopping experience.

As a manufacturer, this is exactly why All American Clothing Co. offers traceability technology. Each Made in USA jean comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" that includes a traceability number. Enter the number on our website and we will show you the USA workers who were involved in making your jean. We will even show you the farmers and mill that produced the cotton! From farm to closet, traceability supports over 12,000 American workers in our supply chain as it showcases how your jeans are made. Traceability offers an added proof that our product is as American as apple pie.

Video shows how traceability works
The American garment industry has lost 85 percent of its labor force since the early 1990s. In addition, just 2 percent of the clothing purchased in the United States in fact American made. The All American Clothing Co. hopes that traceability technology can also help change the course of the American garment industry as the company continues to grow and support American workers.
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