JCPenney Streamlines Product Development

JCPenney uses the PTC retail platform, FlexPLM to help streamline its product development processes by managing the company's product specifications. The department store uses the system to improve collaboration among its global design partners and help expedite overall design and manufacturing cycle times.

To keep up with consumer demand and fast fashion trends in the retail and apparel industry, JCPenney realized that it had to decrease the amount of time it takes to develop a new product line from several months down to a few weeks. To accomplish this objective, JCPenney launched its Cycle Time Reduction initiative, an enterprise-wide program focused on shortening the amount of time from conceptualization to merchandise delivery.

FlexPLM is a Web-based platform that streamlines communication, tracks milestones, pre-empts performance bottlenecks, and provides visibility throughout the product development chain.

"The ability to respond to customer needs quickly and deliver merchandise efficiently is critical to delivering on JCPenney's vision to be the preferred shopping choice for middle America," says Peter McGrath, executive vice president, production development and sourcing, JCPenney. "As an important enabler to our Cycle Time Reduction initiative, FlexPLM is a robust infrastructure that spans our global supply chain, enabling our Associates to collaborate more effectively and deliver merchandise that inspires our customers."

Throughout the last year, the IT team at JCPenney worked with PTC's solution and implementation team to define and maintain the project's scope across several functional groups in order to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget for the first three product divisions. This goal was achieved, and JCPenney is now planning to roll out the retail solution to other divisions within the company and its extended supply chain.
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