JD.com Launches Cross-Border Platform

JD.com, Inc., China's largest online direct sales company, announced the launch of JD Worldwide, its new cross-border e-commerce platform. JD Worldwide provides Chinese consumers with the most convenient way to purchase authentic imported products, including many not previously available in China, and enables international producers and suppliers to sell directly to Chinese consumers without requiring an established presence in China.

Through the JD Worldwide platform, Chinese shoppers can order goods from hundreds of brands and sellers in overseas markets including Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others, while enjoying JD.com's industry-leading user experience.

Fully integrated with the existing JD.com platform, JD Worldwide features both direct sales and marketplace channels. It currently hosts about 450 online shops, which offer over 150,000 SKUs of high-demand imported products from more than 1,200 brands. Customers can place orders seamlessly through JD's website and mobile applications and have purchases delivered directly to their homes or offices in China, without the typical inconveniences associated with international shipping, customs and language issues.

The platform also enables international producers and sellers to sell directly to Chinese consumers without needing to establish a legal presence in China, significantly lowering the barriers to entering the China market for global brands. JD Worldwide will offer a range of support to retailers to enable them to take full advantage of the JD Worldwide platform, including support on marketing to JD.com's nearly 100 million active users and access to JD.com's unparalleled nationwide logistics network.

As part of the JD Worldwide launch, the company also announced the launch of "Best of eBay Deals," a pilot program on the new platform in partnership with eBay. Responding to growing demand from Chinese consumers seeking items from eBay's global inventory, eBay's channel on JD Worldwide will showcase a variety of top categories and popular brands at attractive prices from select, trusted eBay sellers from the US.  

"JD.com has once again raised the standard for integrated e-commerce solutions in China with the launch of JD Worldwide, the most convenient way for Chinese consumers to purchase imported products," said Richard Liu, JD.com founder and chief executive officer. "This new cross-border sales platform marks a major step forward in connecting Chinese consumers with international brands. By combining the advantages of China's cross-border free trade zones, JD's warehouses and unparalleled last-mile logistics network, and our experience developing winning marketing campaigns for our partners, JD Worldwide gives international sellers and brands the most comprehensive and effective solution available for reaching Chinese consumers.

"Consistent with our overall strategy, we are committed to growing JD Worldwide at a manageable pace to ensure the highest quality products and merchants, the best shopping experience for our customers, and strong sales results for our partners."

When making purchases through JD Worldwide, consumers will enjoy the same guaranteed product authenticity, excellent prices and reliable customer service that they have come to expect from JD.com. Supported by favorable trade policies in China's e-commerce free trade zones, JD Worldwide employs bonded warehouses to ensure the fastest times for customs clearance and delivery to consumers.

JD.com has established an exclusive customer service hotline and after-sales customer support team specifically dedicated to JD Worldwide, with live online support provided to international marketplace merchants. As across all of JD's sales platforms, stringent controls have been implemented to ensure that only high-quality marketplace merchants and authentic products are permitted on JD Worldwide.

International brands interested in tapping into JD.com's nearly 100 million customers should contact JD Worldwide's brand management team at: [email protected].
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