Jean Supplier Rica Lewis Chooses TAGSYS 'RFID for Fashion' Solution to Boost Sales at Europe Retailers

Rica Lewis, a supplier of jeans products to major European retail stores such as Carrefour, Auchan and Intermarché, has deployed the complete RFID for Fashion solution from TAGSYS, giving Rica Lewis full real-time visibility of its merchandise, not only at the point of distribution but also directly on the floor of its major European customers.

The solution is allowing for improved product availability and increased sales for the brand, which sells more than five million pairs of jeans annually, distributed through its boutique "shop in shops."

Rica Lewis invested in RFID technology to increase its sales and improve the customer experience through better product availability. Now, all Rica Lewis sales managers are equipped with portable RFID readers enabling them to perform rapid inventory of items directly on the retail sales floor.

Initial data collected has demonstrated that the inventory process has been optimized from a manual practice that took more than an hour to one that takes just 10 minutes -- time that will be reallocated to merchandising and customer interaction.

Additionally, RFID data collected during inventory is sent in real time to the logistics center, also equipped with an RFID infrastructure, which is allowing for a much more efficient order preparation and shipping process.

The TAGSYS' RFID infrastructure for Rica Lewis includes printable UHF RFID tags fixed to existing apparel labels, RFID printers to program and print data, RFID tunnels to quickly and precisely control inbound and outbound merchandise, portable RFID readers to perform rapid inventories, and fixed RFID stations to prepare and verify orders. The entire RFID infrastructure is integrated into the existing IT system through e-connectware, TAGSYS' RFID administration tool.

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