Jerry Leigh Acquires David Lerner

Jerry Leigh has acquired the David Lerner brand, launched in 2008 when the designer transformed fashion basics by designing comfortable, edgy products that incorporate the aesthetics of both coasts.

Jerry Leigh president Andrew Leigh explained, "Under new leadership, the David Lerner brand will continue to strive to create a product that reflects the consumer lifestyle."

After 50 years of success, Jerry Leigh is a family-run business that designs a wardrobe for the all-American family. With this new acquisition, Jerry Leigh will bring a contemporary fashion brand under its women's division, further expanding the company's reach into department store and boutique distribution.

"My partnership with Jerry Leigh is truly magic meeting logic," says Lerner. "I am honored to unite my contemporary brand, which has thrived in its creative New York environment with the Jerry Leigh enterprise where it can flourish and expand under the company's invaluable influence."

Lerner, who has already made a name for himself within the fashion industry, is looking to further his brand's growth through Jerry Leigh's infrastructure. With this partnership, future plans include re-launching the David Lerner website, brick-and-mortar retail stores, runway shows, and expanding Lerner's international distribution.
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