Jons Marketplace Uses POS Video Auditing Solution to Cut Shrink

Jons Marketplace deploys Agilence's point-of-sale video auditing solution, Hawkeye, as part of their companywide initiative to reduce shrink. By the fourth quarter of 2009, Jons' shrink as a percentage of sales was at an all-time low for the company.

Agilence's item-level synchronization software, Hawkeye, pulls data directly from the point-of-sale system and marries the data with video in real-time. The data for each individual item scan and key punch is perfectly linked to its associated video image. Jons uses the software to instantly view the data and video of cashier activity for each item in a single screen, helping the company identify all POS losses -- operational and systemic issues and fraud -- that directly affect profitability.

"In addition to being a highly effective loss prevention tool, we found Agilence to be an excellent training tool," said Manuel Sauceda, director of IT, Jons. "Agilence identified several costly operational issues, such as inadvertent employee errors. We were then able to use the software's video to show cashiers the correct and incorrect way to handle such activities as scanning items and administering credit card transactions."

For example, Jons found many employees across the chain improperly scanning manufacturer buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotions. This issue caused losses each time the scanning error occurred. By identifying this issue early on, Jons was able to re-train employees before the error caused considerable shrink.

Jons also now gains immediate availability of data. Agilence provides data and corresponding video for each item scanned within a transaction in near real-time. Therefore, within minutes after a transaction is completed, Jons can analyze a cashier's actions to identify any operational issues or fraudulent behavior, allowing them to address issues immediately and before they cause substantial shrink.

"In addition to helping us identify operational issues and fraud, Agilence has proved to be a valuable training tool that we can use to prevent future losses from ever occurring," stated Sauceda. "Agilence has been a big part of the success we have had in reducing point-of-sale losses."
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