JOOR Launches Mobile Wholesale Buying Platform for Retailers

Digital wholesale marketplace JOOR has launched the JOOR Retailer Platform. Built with input from development partner Neiman Marcus Group (NMG), which includes Neiman Marcus, the catalog and ecommerce business Neiman Marcus Direct and Bergdorf Goodman, the platform consists of a website and the industry’s first iPad app designed specifically for the retail buyer’s role in the digital wholesale marketplace. This launch complements the JOOR Brand Platform, software for the often-inefficient and highly-manual wholesale selling process for brands.

Throughout development of the Retailer Platform, JOOR worked closely with a dedicated team of buyers and IT professionals from NMG, identifying industry-wide challenges that included manual, paper-driven, time-consuming and sometimes error-prone processes to create a “by buyers, for buyers” mobile-first system for wholesale buying that digitizes processes from start to finish. In early testing of the platform, retail buyers reported a 40 percent increase in productivity and 30 percent reduction in appointment times, both of which also benefit brands that subscribe to the JOOR Brand Platform.

The JOOR Retailer Platform addresses top challenges cited by retailers, including:

  • Retailer Challenge: Buyers have a disjointed view of brands’ collections, limiting their ability to plan assortments efficiently across many brands.

  • JOOR Solution: Buyers can view all of their brands’ complete collections, create merchandised looks, plan assortments and then simply click to buy, all in one single digital hub.

  • Retailer Challenge: Inefficient processes and disparate systems make it difficult for retail buyers to know if they are making optimal merchandising decisions and staying within budget.

  • JOOR Solution: The integrated Budget Tracker provides a unified view of all planned purchases and delivers real-time insights on where a buyer stands versus their budget.

  • Retailer Challenge: Buyers’ lack of visibility into what others across their retail organization are purchasing.

  • JOOR Solution: A Collaborative Buying feature that enables buying team members to communicate in-app and create synergistic purchases across departments and locations.

JOOR’s latest technology also benefits brands, by giving them:

  • The ability to view all of their retailers, take and manage orders and gain real-time sales insights all in one single digital hub, also on iPad app and website

  • Better and faster order processing with retailers who use JOOR: reduction in duplicate orders, fewer canceled orders and styles, and faster order confirmations.