Jordache Reports Business Improvements from RLM ERP Implementation

RLM Apparel Software Systems and global fashion brand Jordache Enterprises announce that the latter has achieved significant business improvements through expanded use of the RLM enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution across Jordache's worldwide network of factories and business partners.

Benefits cited include significant reductions in chargebacks, and integration of multiple companies and business partners into a single ERP system.
"With RLM, we can now monitor the activities in all of our factories around the globe in real-time," stated Nick Losquadro, Jordache executive vice president of operations. "Perhaps one of the most tangible benefits is that RLM's software has allowed us to cut our shipment-related chargebacks in half."

Losquadro says Jordache uses the system to generate specific carton-level packing instructions with the creation of the purchase order. After production, the factories scan each individual UPC as they put it into the carton. The system provides information on exactly what is in each carton before it leaves the factory, thus eliminating packing mistakes.

"The benefits of RLM also extend to our warehouse and distribution processes," added Losquadro. "We scan all the garments in as we receive them at our distribution centers in New Jersey and Louisiana. RLM then enables us to efficiently track movement of inventory, allocate goods, drop customer orders, consolidate bill of lading, track shipments and manage the entire process. RLM manages everything including open stock, individual and pre-packs. It manages even the largest and most complex orders we ship to customers like Wal-Mart, JCPenney and Kohl's."

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