Juicy Couture's Complete Social Shopping Experience

Introducing Apparel's 2010 Top Innovators

With its new online strategy, trendy retailer Juicy Couture (an Apparel 2010 Innovator) is benefitting from dramatic e-tail breakthroughs, including a 162 percent increase in conversion rates. Learn how the retailer is pulling it off.

Juicy Couture
Arleta, CA
Nominated by CREATE THE GROUP | www.createthegroup.com

Fashion consumers are always influenced by what their peers are wearing, making social shopping a powerful way to build brand awareness and loyalty, more so than traditional advertising. The development of a community atmosphere around a brand is a valuable tool that creates an emotional connection, promoting repeat visits and a more likely transition from browsing to checkout.

With all this in mind, Juicy Couture launched a complete social shopping experience on its website utilizing CREATE THE GROUP's social shopping platform, CTS/SOCIAL. It has helped foster a unique online community, strengthening the brand's relationship with consumers and generating measurable engagement results. Juicy Couture has been able to leverage unique online community features, along with powerful e-commerce delivery, to create a branded social shopping experience.

Since implementing CTS/SOCIAL, Juicy Couture has experienced dramatic site results, including a 162 percent increase in conversion rates, a 141 percent increase in page views per visit, and a 150 percent increase in the average time spent on the website. One of the ways a sense of community is created is by directing shoppers to Club Couture, an exclusive online portal that contains social shopping elements such as "Create a Look." Shoppers can mix and match outfits and accessories in a virtual dressing room, and browse through "looks" created by other members. With "Rate My Juicy," shoppers are encouraged to upload photos of themselves in their favorite Juicy looks, sharing how they wear the brand with the rest of the online community.

By giving shoppers the power to remix products they love for others to see and shop, Juicy Couture transforms active users into powerful brand ambassadors. CTS/SOCIAL's features include blogs, forums and media galleries. Its platform can be scaled to support social media communities such as Facebook and MySpace. It performs integrated searches across blogs, forums, photos and files in one consistent UI and also offers a security and permissions model based on industry-leading best practices. Its flexible, workflow-based management interfaces feature extensive community reporting capabilities.

Juicy Couture acknowledges that peer recommendations are far more influential to its consumers than traditional marketing, and has given its consumers a place to connect with the brand and interact with one another other by creating and sharing new looks. This innovative community environment makes shopping online more than just a transaction, and creates brand loyalty that extends far beyond the checkout.
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