June 2019

  • The AI-Driven Supply Chain

    In order to meet constantly shifting consumer demand and ensure product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there savvy retailers are turning to AI to power their next-gen supply chains. See what the industry leaders are doing how you can do the same.
    a desk with a computer on a table
  • The Future of AI-Driven Merchandising

    The future of artificial intelligence is bright with promise and fuzzy with hype. Cutting through the buzz, one thing is certain – AI will drive a stake through the heart of time-consuming, linear merchandising processes and managing by averages.
  • Best Retail CEOs 2019

    As the retail industry continues to reinvent itself, the value of a strong and innovative leader is more important than ever. Uncover which seven retail CEO stars joined the chief executives from H-E-B, Best Buy and Costco on this annual ranking of the best CEOs in the U.S.
  • RIS Exclusive: Albertsons Talks About Its New Checkout Experience

    “We want shoppers to spend more time shopping and discovering new products than standing in line at checkout,” Rucha Nanavati, GVP of Information Technology for Albertsons Cos. tells RIS. Learn how the grocer will achieve this goal with the latest retail tech.
  • Barnes & Noble Sold for $683 Million

    The largest book seller in the UK, Elliott Advisors Limited, is acquiring Barnes & Noble in an all cash transaction. Learn the details and what the agreement means to the future of the gigantic book store chain.
  • Costco Seeks to Solve Checkout Woes

    Costco’s plans to double the number of locations with self-checkout may help it alleviate long lines in busy clubs while moderating its front-end labor expenses. Find out more about the warehouse retailer’s next move.