Justice Taps AI in E-com Platform Relaunch

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Justice’s e-commerce platform upgrade is helping the tween retailer reduce both fulfillment costs and marketing expenses as its new owners aim to evolve it into a half-a-billion-dollar enterprise.  

Previously owned by Ascena Retail Group, the Justice brand was acquired by Bluestar Alliance in a bankruptcy auction last November for $71 million. All stores were slated to close by Ascena early this year, and Bluestar relaunched the website in April, moving the $250 million online store to Nogin’s Commerce-as-a-Service platform.

By leveraging Nogin’s artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and R&D technology, the company said it’s reduced shipping costs via free-shipping conversion algorithms, and decreased discounting via customer behavior and interest analytics.  

It’s also shrinking marketing expenses by improving its paid media spend efficiency.

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"Justice had built a great online store that was a hit with tweens and parents alike,” said Ralph Gindi, Bluestar COO and co-founder. “However, as we looked to exponentially grow this business, we recognized the need to move the brand onto a next-generation platform. Our partnership with Nogin takes us to that level without the requisite R&D investments and leaves us positioned to build into what we hope can ultimately become a $500 million enterprise.”

Justice is also further evolving its brand through new assortments and relationships with social media influencers. It also recently announced a collaboration with Walmart to sell the brand through its website and 2,400 stores.

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