Kana Solutions CRM Meets Social

Kana Software has introduced a social media listening and engagement solution to address the requirements of today's customer experience. The platform uses social media in the contact center by listening to conversations, deriving insights, and engaging with customers.
"Social media solutions are good at building relationships and collaboration; traditional customer service solutions are good at metrics, process and managing costs," said James Norwood, chief marketing officer for Kana. "Kana’s Social Listening and Engagement solution bridges this longstanding gap between social and traditional customer service. Our solution uniquely enables enterprises to apply the same governance and service levels to social service conversations as they do with traditional service channels. This solution is key to our mission of empowering the enterprise to control and unify customer journeys across Web, agent, mobile and social experiences."
The Kana Social Listening and Engagement Solution combines the benefits of social media with customer service through natural language processing (NLP), text analytics capabilities and adaptable service experience capabilities. The solution provides the ability to accurately listen to and identify important social conversations, derive meaningful insights and enable agents to effectively engage customers with context driven workflows and knowledge.
The platform also combines customer relationship management (CRM), business process management (BPM), knowledge management, analytics and social media to support the delivery of exceptional experiences on brand and on budget across all service channels.