Karmaloop Gets Personal With New Email Targeting Software

Online streetwear retailer Karmaloop deployed CQuotient's Personalized Marketing Engine to power its marketing campaigns and better connect with customers. By leveraging CQuotient's technology, Karmaloop will deliver uniquely tailored marketing messages to every customer, beginning with email.

CQuotient's Personalized Marketing Engine combines customer data from all touchpoints – Web, email, social media, etc. – with advanced predictive analytics, resulting in emails that are tailored to each and every customer.

"We cater to a generation that grew up with the Internet and, therefore, have high expectations of their digital experiences. So it's imperative that the messages to customers be spot-on when engaging with this demographic," said Judah Phillips, vice president, analytics and data sciences, Karmaloop. "Leveraging CQuotient's solution will enable us to have true one-to-one communications with every individual customer based on their unique style, taste and interests, resulting in a deeper connection with the Karmaloop brand."

"The best way to catch a customer's attention is to show them something they'll like. And the easiest way to do that is to use the data that retailers already have to create a comprehensive view of each customer and tailor marketing accordingly," explained CQuotient Founder and CEO Rama Ramakrishnan. "The outcome is a more engaged – and profitable – customer. Retailers know this, but struggle to turn the theory in to action for every customer, every time. CQuotient's Personalized Marketing Engine meets this need."
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