Karmaloop Turns Tweets Into Tees

Have you ever liked a tweet so much that you wanted to wear it? Now streetwear powerhouse Karmaloop is working with Twitter to make that happen, teaming up with the social media giant to transform tweets into tees.

Karmaloop's Twitter fans can log in and use their Twitter identity to nominate and vote for tweets that deserve to be printed on a t-shirt at poundsigntees.com. Every two weeks, tweets that get the top votes will be immortalized on a t-shirt and sold as part of Karmaloop's #TEES Collection, which features work by youth culture icons like Clinton Sparks, Hopsin, Freeway and Chris Webby.

"A lot of my fans have been asking for #GetFamiliar Tees," said Clinton Sparks, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, DJ and recording artist. "This was the perfect opportunity to make it happen while giving them a chance to make their own #TEE."

Karmaloop's Twitter fans (@Karmaloop on Twitter) can nominate their own tweet or someone else's pithy 140-character-or-less statement by creating a tweet directly from Twitter using the #TEES hashtag; submitting a URL to a favorite tweet; or conducting a tweet search. Nominees can't vote for their own tweets, but shameless self- (or friend-) promotion is allowed: Nominators and nominees alike are free to pump up their favorite tweets online using social media and blogs to urge friends to cast their votes at poundsigntees.com.

Every two weeks, the nominated tweet with the most votes gets printed on a #TEE to be sold on Karmaloop.com. The first two winners receive a $1,000 gift certificate to shop Karmaloop.com.

"If you're shopping online, one of the first places you go is KL," said noted rapper Hopsin, whose t-shirt is a #TEES Collection favorite. "Plus Dizzy's already on Karmaloop – I had to get up too."

Find out more about the novel Karmaloop-Twitter t-shirt project at www.poundsigntees.com. Learn more about Karmaloop at www.karmaloop.com.
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