Kids Club Chooses Vision Solution Suite to Improve Planning, Merchandising, and More

Jesta I.S. Inc., a supplier of enterprise business solutions for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors primarily in the soft goods and specialty industries worldwide, announced that Kids Club has selected several modules from the Jesta I.S. Vision Solution Suite to manage its operations in North America. Kids Club is a banner of W&W Wholesale Inc., a leader in apparel for newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children.
The chosen modules include Vision Store, Vision Merchandising, Vision Planning, and Vision Analytics. By selecting these modules from the Jesta I.S. Vision Suite, the management team at Kids Club plans to eliminate the need for third party intervention having consolidated systems with a single source vendor that offers "one version, one platform" with respect to data accuracy and reporting.
With Vision Store fully integrated with Vision Merchandising, Vision Planning, and Vision Analytics, Kids Club will gain greater control over cost management, markdowns, shrinkage, and allocation of merchandise per store, further supporting the next seasons planning and OTB dollars.
"Our primary goal in evaluating retail solutions was to find a system that would meet our anticipated growth, yet be easy to integrate into our company and create a common technology platform. We chose the integrated Vision Suite from Jesta I.S.," said Alan Weinstein, president of Kids Club. 
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