Kornit Digital Launches Paradigm Printing Solution

Kornit Digital, a provider of industrial and commercial digital printing, superior pigmented ink and unique chemistry solutions for the textile industry, announced the launch of its new Paradigm Printer, a digital add-on solution for screen printing carousels that enables the screen printer to combine traditional screen printing methods with digital printing techniques and create innovative printing applications.

Sarel Ashkenazi, vice president of marketing and business development at Kornit Digital, said, "The Paradigm is the only solution that combines the best of two worlds: screen printing and digital printing, and it's the best solution for garment decorators and screen printers that are looking to adapt into the growing needs of the fashion industry."

Kornit's Paradigm is capable of handling a large variety of textile applications, variable data combinations, complicated four color processes, spot combinations and is equipped with Industrial High Volume Polaris Spectra print heads. The Kornit Paradigm can also act as a pure stand-alone digital printer for short-runs and eliminates the need for any set-up procedures with its automatic computer-to-printer process and its ability to reposition between carousel stations.

Ashkenazi continued, "Kornit's Paradigm is compatible for both manual and automatic screen printing carousels and is capable of producing a variety of combined digital and screen application. Printers can now combine in one job foil, flock, metallics and more, with photorealistic and multicolored digital image and use it as a digital printer for short-runs. The printer features a robust industrial design for long-term reliability and 24/7 operation to allow today's printers to achieve their business goals by enabling faster, more profitable productions".

For more information about Kornit's solutions, please visit http://www.kornit-digital.com/OurProducts/

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