Kroger and Tesco Optimize Prices with KSS Retail

Kroger and UK-based Tesco announced they will implement the latest version of KSS Retail's PriceStrat price optimization software, which now features customer segment-based modeling and optimization. The upgraded version will allow the grocery giants to simulate the effects of regular and promotional pricing scenarios as well as integrate customer behavior into their pricing and promotion decisions.
"Our customer first strategy is dependent on a deep understanding of our shoppers, knowing why they buy what they buy and how to serve them better," says Chris Hjelm, CIO and senior vice president of Kroger. "Using the KSS Retail tool, we will now have the ability to model prices and promotions across customer segments, to make sure that we deliver a superior shopping experience."
KSS Retail was acquired last year by data mining specialist Dunnhumby, of which Tesco owns 84%. The retailer says it plans to benefit from Dunnhumby's shopper insight expertise.
"We are interested in how customer data from Dunnhumby, in conjunction with pricing solutions with KSS Retail, can deliver better value for our customers around the world," says Richard Brasher, CEO of Tesco.
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