Kroger Pilots Smart Cart Technology

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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A look at KroGO carts on Kroger's website.

Grocery chain Kroger is piloting smart grocery cart technology from caper at a store in Madeira, OH.

KroGO, as Kroger calls it, is a smart cart with a built-in scale and camera, providing a shopping experience with less contact and faster checkout. The cart’s tech allows shoppers to scan, bag, and pay from the cart, and then exit through the self-checkout area.

The KroGO carts require shoppers to scan each item and weigh produce as they shop. They come with a built-in screen and credit/debit card checkout. Items are scanned as the shopper collects them and can be removed if they change their mind. The carts even allow for shoppers to scan their loyalty cards.

The only things the KroGO carts can’t currently checkout are gift cards, tobacco, and behind-the-counter pharmacy items. The carts also can’t handle paper coupons, cash, EBT and WIC.

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Amazon Dash Cart

Kroger isn’t the first retailer to pilot a smart cart solution. Amazon announced Amazon Dash Carts last July, and rolled them out in August at the first Amazon Fresh in Woodland Hills, CA. The Dash Carts, offered in Amazon Fresh stores, also enable customers to skip the checkout line, but without the step of scanning. Customers can place their bags inside, signing in using their Fresh QR code in the Amazon app, shopping, and finally, just exiting the store through the Dash Cart lane to automatically complete their payment. The cart uses a combination of computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify items put in the cart.