La-Z-Boy Leverages Omnichannel Customer Experience Insights to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Jennifer Guhl
Contributor Writer
Jennifer Guhl

La-Z-Boy will leverage deep-learning AI and text analytics to better understand their customers’ needs. 

The company has partnered with InMoment for its omnichannel technology, expected to let the ninety-five-year-old furniture brand develop a CX-hub that integrates customer data across various channels, including their website, call center, chat, social media, and supply chain. La-Z-Boy hopes the data will give them a greater understanding of their customers, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and enable them to focus their time and resources better.

“In today’s tumultuous world, we understand the importance of creating a company that is dedicated to delivering products that contribute to positive “me” time and “we” time for family and friends,” says Jorge Calvachi, director of insights, La-Z-Boy, in a statement. “Our collaboration with InMoment allows us to understand, in greater detail, our customers' wants and needs and helps us know how they feel so we can capture the hearts of our customers by creating superior experiences and products.”

The new initiative ties into its Century Vision approach for strategic growth to reinvigorate its brand. The goal is to build a robust consumer insights ecosystem by 2027, allowing the company to quickly adapt to changing shopping trends and behaviors while remaining relevant to its customers.

Building out the omnichannel experience and becoming more human-centric are areas La-Z-Boy has flagged as critical building blocks towards future growth and success as they hope to better align with the needs of modern consumers.

The company did a soft launch of the consumer insights platform and expanded that to a demo session with 40 participants across various business functions, including merchandising, sales, and marketing. In the long term, the company would like all 11,500 employees to have access to these valuable insights, but for now, they are focusing on how teams use these insights to evaluate their impact better.

This article first appeared on the site of our sister publication, Consumer Goods Technology.

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