LaCrosse Footwear Achieves Greater Efficiencies Using Adobe Scene7

LaCrosse Footwear Inc. has announced that it has exceeded its goals by using Adobe Scene7 to deliver dynamic online experiences and streamline dealer distribution of brand assets.

With Scene7, LaCrosse Footwear is able to provide detailed, enhanced online views of each shoe, enabling consumers to dynamically zoom and pan on products and giving them greater confidence in their online purchases.

Scene7's scalable publishing system uses single master images to produce multiple image derivatives on-demand, decreasing the time and costs associated with image creation and publishing.

The solution allows LaCrosse to streamline its process for delivering product images to its network of dealers with the Scene7 Media Portal solution - an add-on to the Adobe Scene7 platform that provides companies with the ability to easily control and distribute approved brand assets to external partners and channels, as well as internal business users.
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