Lane Bryant Chooses APT to Test Promotions

Plus-size women's apparel retailer Lane Bryant has continued licensing  Applied Predictive Technologies's Test & Learn Management System and Market Basket Analyzer platform. Lane Bryant will use APT's Test & Learn for Sites software to enhance its ability to conduct scientific in-market testing across 800 retail and outlet locations.

Lane Bryant is continuing its relationship with APT following a trial of the Test & Learn software, which was used to evaluate and optimize several promotion and merchandising initiatives.

This renewed agreement will establish APT as Lane Bryant's primary testing partner. APT's Test & Learn software platform will allow Lane Bryant to continue to test new business ideas across marketing, product introduction, assortment optimization, and pricing and target rollout to maximize profitability. Market Basket Analyzer allows Lane Bryant to leverage transaction level data to analyze attachment rates, customer loyalty, and basket size to better inform merchandising and promotion decisions.

Lane Bryant joins eight of the top ten apparel retailers currently licensing APT's Test & Learn solutions, including brand names such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Chico's, and Victoria's Secret.

Scott Glaser, CFO at Lane Bryant, says, "Testing new business ideas is of paramount importance in the apparel industry, where merchandise, styles, prices, and product preferences are constantly changing. We were impressed with APT's ability to drive value at Lane Bryant after a year working together and decided to extend our relationship."
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