Latest Epicor Retail BI Enhances Mobile Features

Epicor Software Corporation, a provider of business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, announced its latest release of Epicor Retail Business Intelligence (BI), which offers enhanced mobile capabilities and improved store transfer analysis to support better decision-making across the retail enterprise.

Epicor Retail BI consolidates data from Audit and Operations Management, Merchandising, and CRM solutions, then structures it in a way that supports access and reporting in virtually any form, to support various information needs and requirements throughout the organization. Mobile functionality gives field and corporate users access to real-time information with alerts, notifications, and personalized dashboards to guide better, faster decision-making to run and manage the business from anywhere.

By combining a sophisticated data warehouse and data cube with an easy-to-use interface, Epicor Retail BI responds to large and complex inquiries almost instantly. The solution also offers improved store transfer analysis, with shipping and receiving specifics, reasons for transfers, and sending/receiving locations, to ensure better inventory optimization. New mobile and visual functionality is offered by Epicor through the BI Information Center app, currently optimized to run on Apple iPad and iPhone, all devices running Windows Phone 7, and downloadable from Windows Mobile Marketplace. Two new visibility modes enable the user to control how much information they receive. Browsing allows users to receive instantaneous access to information about the business. Notification keeps the user in control of what/when to receive updated information and/or be notified about exceptions.

In a recent Gartner, Inc. research report, analyst Robert Hetu writes, "Cross-channel shopping behavior is causing retailers to invest in BI to compete effectively." He recommends retailers, "Use advanced BI with data visualization capabilities that enable retail buyers and planners to problem-solve by dynamically creating views of BI data in the best format for analysis; find patterns of activity and determine the impact of cross-channel shopping; and, look for unique patterns of individual categories of business, but also analyze across the entire assortment to determine total customer impact."

Epicor Business Intelligence uses many data analysis and modeling tools to help retailers identify trends, understand variables, predict outcomes, and make appropriate decisions. The solution works with location and merchandise hierarchies, service types, transaction attributes, and core business information, and can assess operations against dozens of KPIs.

Customizable dashboards and scorecards enable retailers to view metrics, identify trends, and manage critical information easily from a centralized location.

Style scorecard provides unit and retail information such as on-hand and sell through sales at the levels of style, style/color, or style/color/size, by specific stores or all stores.

Flash sales scorecard provides unit, retail, and cost information such as actual and budgeted sales, gross margin, and POS discounts at the merchandise level. Users can view comparable, non-comparable, or all stores results.

Location scorecard provides sales, on-hand, receipts, gross margin, and sell through information at the merchandise group level by group or location.

Vendor scorecard provides information on orders, receipts, compliance, on-time delivery, and quality at the merchandise group level by vendor.

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