LE TOTE Adds Maternity to Fashion Rental Service

Fashion and accessories subscription rental company LE TOTE is now offering maternity apparel to its subscribers. After opening a wait list for the service in May 2015, LE TOTE continued to see an overwhelming need for maternity and a desire to be able to use LE TOTE to feel stylish and confident throughout all life events.

LE TOTE saw early on a massive need for a subscription rental service in the $2 billion maternity market, according to a July 2014 IBSWorld report. The overarching idea for LE TOTE was even conceived around maternity as co-founder and CEO Rakesh Tondon's wife's struggled to find inexpensive, fashionable maternity clothing, constantly swapping maternity clothes with friends for lack of a better option. Additionally, 30 percent of women spend $200 to $500 just on maternity clothes according to BabyCenter, that they have no use for after their pregnancy, creating a huge amount of waste. This further emphasizes the need for a fashion solution that allows women to look good, feel great, and be fashionable without breaking the bank as their bodies change during pregnancy and postpartum.

"For decades, women have been sharing and swapping maternity clothing with one another, including my wife, which is why we feel maternity is such an important and essential extension of LE TOTE's service," said Tondon. "LE TOTE Maternity is the ultimate service to save expectant mothers time and money, while providing them options to feel confident with their wardrobe and maintain a comfortable, stylish look throughout every stage of their pregnancy and life."

LE TOTE Maternity will operate in a similar fashion as its existing service:
  • For a flat fee of $59/month, maternity subscribers have unlimited access to personalized deliveries of stylish maternity clothes and trendy accessories, giving expectant mothers an affordable option to stay comfortable and fashionable throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Ahead of delivery, the Tote Swap feature gives subscribers the ability to confirm whether they want to keep the selected items or swap them out ahead of delivery based on real-time inventory from Le Tote's warehouse.
  • Each delivery will have three garments and two accessories, and can be sent back to receive new deliveries throughout the month for the flat price.
  • If users love a piece in their Tote, they'll have the option of purchasing it at a discounted rate of 20 percent to 50 percent off of retail price.
Maternity Totes will feature brands including 9Fashion, Japanese Weekend, Lilac, Materical America, Noppies, Olian, Ripe, Seraphine (worn regularly by Kate Middleton during her pregnancy), Tart Collections, Noir, and Summer & Sage. Blogger, fashion designer and mother of two, Cara Loren Van Brocklin, also designed a LE TOTE exclusive collection for Summer & Sage.

"As a young mother of two, I can attest to how much I would have appreciated a service like LE TOTE while I was pregnant," said Van Brocklin. "I'm excited to be working with LE TOTE to launch my own maternity collection with Summer & Sage and hope that moms will truly appreciate and take advantage of this affordable solution LE TOTE is providing."

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