LeaderBoard Part 3: Tech Vendor Heal Thyself

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By Joe Skorupa

The RIS Software LeaderBoard measures the wisdom of the crowd (retailers) to shine a light on retail’s best tech vendors. By working with a deep respondent pool, the must-read survey cancels out idiosyncrasies of individual judgement in its highly publicized top-10 rankings. It also reveals areas where tech vendors go wrong and what they can do to improve customer satisfaction – your satisfaction!

The best way to learn about how retailers view tech vendors is through direct, unfiltered feedback. The LeaderBoard gathers hundreds of comments from retailers who tell us why they voted the way they did for a specific vendor. These responses form consistent patterns that offer a unique window into how vendors succeed or fail in meeting expectations and achieving customer satisfaction.

Good Customer Support Means Good Customer Satisfaction
  • “Reflexis cares about its customers and shows it by providing unbelievable customer service. They value customers’ opinions and use the feedback to enhance their software.”
  • "Cegid, which acquired JDS Solutions, has excellent customer care and support. They have experts in both information systems and retail processing."
  • “We have been using Magstar to facilitate our perpetual inventory system for close to 30 years. Their customer service/support is second to none.”
  • “Reflexis' level of service and support has been stellar.”
  •  “360PI continues to impress with its quick turnaround times on any requested features and bug fixes. They have excellent customer service and work hard to meet our needs.”
  • “This vendor has yet to determine how to build a support organization. While technology innovation is there, customer support is extremely disorganized and sluggish and unreliable.”
Deliver on Promises or Else
  • “What should be intuitive upgrades are not provided. We have to push hard to get results and manage the process, and then they charge us for it! Maintenance seems a mystery to them. When we want to clean up files they falter on the process. It always becomes a big deal to research every procedure as the original instructions do not work.”  
  • “They do not have standards around business partner management of customers.”
  • “Too many promises about out of the box capabilities.”
  • “Many of the capabilities shown prior to purchase do not work.”
  • “Smaller company with occasional resource availability issues. Requires extensive knowledge and support for installation and integration, which was not apparent during sales process. Would advise a high level of involvement or total outsource when engaging.”
Make the Product Suite Interoperable
  • “Some of the product is very new and innovative, but others are older legacy product.”
  • “Very disappointed with product and company. They have not spent the money and time required to integrate its various purchased companies and outsourced vendors. A Frankenstein of a product. Company moves on to the next release before stabilizing the current one. Lack of strong implementation and integration managers."
  • “It is somewhat buggy and there is not a lot of consistency in screen design. Whenever my users want to do something new it usually takes me a while to figure out how to do it. There is no documentation to speak of and the new release notes are not decipherable.”
  • “NetSuite provides a robust cloud based ERP. Integrations with various outboard systems are facilitated by the underlying platform, which is unique in the industry.”
  • “Product is good, but not nearly as complete of an integrated solution as they would lead you to believe. They still have a lot of work to do.”
 Become a Great Partner
  • “In the past year, we have increased our partnership with RTC Group by expanding our usage of their product offerings. We are excited about our expanded usage of their products and look forward to a bright future with them as our go-forward partner.”
  • "Jesta has been a great partner. The word "partner" I do not use lightly. They have stood tall with us from inception back in the late 90's through multiple upgrades.”
  • “Kronos actually listens to its business partners and provides insight, support and development tied directly to driving business performance.”
  • “Manthan is an excellent partner and has a tremendous focus on satisfying our needs.”
  • "NGC is a great strategic partner. We find that our biggest successes are a result of great collaboration:  we present a problem we are trying to solve and they present us with options. They are very tuned in with their user community and have great avenues for understanding their customers' future requirements."
  • “The partnership and level of support provided by Reflexis throughout the entire life cycle is unparalleled.”
  • “Kronos is an extremely innovative company that listens well to its customer. We have a strategic relationship with them, and are often working with them to solve complex business opportunities. They have a breadth of knowledge and experience second to none."
Make It Easy
  • “ECRS is dynamic and easy to use. The installation process is well thought out from start to finish and tech support is the best I've seen in the industry. We're extremely happy with our choice of ECRS."
  • “The implementation was very difficult. The implementation team was not familiar enough with the product and there were many issues with the software. The software continues to have issues requiring vendor involvement and the need to create an internal support team.”
  • “I've been very impressed with Logile's desire to understand our needs, prepare a plan, execute on the plan, and provide quality deliverables in an efficient manner. They were thorough in their investigations and asked the right questions. It is refreshing to work with individuals that take pride in work. “
  • “ECRS has grown to be very easy to use over the over 10 years that I have worked with them. Support is awesome! Upgrades are a breeze! They are always making the program more user friendly and more reliable.”
  • “Our Reflexis implementation was without a doubt the most well-organized engagement that we've experienced in decades.”
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