Lectra Aubade Crown Dual Winners in Student Lingerie Design Competition

Lectra and French lingerie brand Aubade announced the results of their 2014 competition. The award shines the spotlight on design and pattern-making students from De Monfort University (DMU), UK by tasking students with designing a small lingerie collection that reflects the Aubade brand. Students were required to both design and develop their collections with Lectra's product development solution, Modaris®.

The inaugural edition of this was open to final-year DMU students. The aim is to get students to develop a 6-piece collection using Lectra's pattern making solution Modaris, underlining the famous lingerie brand's DNA, and within the theme of English handwriting. The jury decided to award two students instead of just the one as initially planned because of the exceptional creativity and execution of design. Aubade is pleased to welcome both Ellie Balwako and Hannah Jones, from beginning summer 2015, for 6 month internships in Paris. The first student won for product development and the second one won for design and their internships will reflect this.

"The competition is a reflection of Lectra's commitment to education, Aubade's involvement in transmitting the brand's DNA and DMU's efforts to favor their students' employability," explains Anastasia Charbin, fashion and apparel marketing director, Lectra.

"This contest with one of Lectra's education partners represents a great opportunity to meet promising talent, who are immediately operational," says Annie Bureau, operations director at Aubade. "De Monfort University has a lingerie program which is specifically adapted to industry needs; students are trained on Lectra's pattern-making solution, which we've used for years," says Marie-BÉatrice Pereira, development office manager at Aubade.

"This contest is a true opportunity for our final-year students who were really motivated. They've demonstrated great creativity, drawing from Aubade's brand spirit and concentrating on technical aspects to obtain a perfect fit. They used Lectra solutions, which are at the core of our program and which are an undeniable advantage when looking for a job," explains Gillian Proctor, principal lecturer & programme leader for Contour Fashion.

"This is the story of a wonderful project between Lectra, De Monfort University and Aubade. It is a true exchange between professionals and students. We are very pleased to welcome and to work with young talent who bring a fresh eye and their unique personalities to the Aubade team," notes Claire Masson, global brand director at Aubade.

Founded in 1947, De Monfort University's three-year curriculum called "Contour Fashion" is the oldest lingerie diploma in the world. Students are trained on Lectra's Modaris, a powerful tool for lingerie, corsetry, activewear, swimwear and underwear design.
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