Lectra Launches End-to-End Personalization Solution

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Lectra Launches End-to-End Personalization Solution


Lectra has launched 'Fashion On Demand," a solution that enables its customers to produce on demand with an end-to-end offer that the company says automates the entire personalization process from product development to final cutting stages.

‘Fashion On Demand by Lectra,’ is based on Industry 4.0 principles, the result of four years of R&D. It will be progressively rolled out globally starting from January 2019.

With consumers increasingly demanding personalized products and experiences, this solution will allow companies to them to accurately match supply with demand, and solve a host of problems that regular business models usually face, Lectra reports. 

By knowing ahead of time what and how much their consumers want, companies can produce in precise quantities and avoid overstocking and markdowns. In addition, as consumers pay upfront for their orders it improves cash flow for businesses. Fashion companies can use personalization as a way to outshine their competitors and earn consumer loyalty, by offering one-of-a-kind products that make their customers feel exclusive.

‘Fashion On Demand by Lectra’, available in two different packages, one dedicated to made to measure, and the other to customization. These are turnkey solutions that automate on-demand production from order reception to production development stages and the cutting room. Companies can define the product customization criteria and range for each item depending on the package (such as altering product characteristics for customization and pattern adjustments for made to measure) and launch production processes right from the get-go, without interfering with their standard workflows.

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