Lectra Launches Platform to Integrate Processes from Ideation to Point of Sale

Lectra has launched Kubix Link, an intelligent and intuitive cloud-based platform that integrates all business processes from ideation to point of sale. This solution gives fashion companies a consolidated view of all information pertaining to each product, the company reports. With a web-standard interface and social-media-inspired communication tools, fashion companies can work faster and smarter, delivering top-selling products and then marketing them all in one click, while creating an omnichannel experience for their consumers.

As the number of collections grows due to rising consumer expectations, so does the volume of fragmented data spread across different systems and platforms in different formats. The struggle to derive value from data becomes bigger every day for fashion executives, complicating their decision-making processes. Companies need solutions that encompass the end-to-end ecosystem and not just a piece of it and that is where Kubix Link comes in. 

Kubix Link has the ability to turn collective data into actionable insights, Lectra reports. The solution, with its built-in PLM, PIM, and DAM capabilities, can integrate a wide array of IT systems, legacy and brand new, such as ERP, CRM and WMS, and process massive volumes of data coming from all parts of the fashion ecosystem, consolidating all information and presenting it in a structured and comprehensible manner efficiently. 

Kubix Link, with its web-inspired interface, enables users to navigate and search for product information easily. At a glance, fashion executives can get an overview, make reports, communicate and update information in real time on any device. This allows them to focus on value-added tasks and unleash their innovative potential, Lectra reports.