Lectra Sells 1,000th Latest-Gen Vector

Lectra, a provider of integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials -- textiles, leather, industrial fabrics and composite materials -- says it has sold its thousandth latest-generation Vector.
Upon its launch in February 2007, the latest generation of Vector automated cutting solutions became an instant success. Even during the current economic crisis, this range hasn't faltered, driven in particular by Vectors that account for 75 percent of sales. Whether based in developed countries in Europe and North America or in rapidly expanding countries such as China, India and Brazil, professionals in the fashion, automotive, furniture, and industrial fabrics industries are convinced of the importance of investing in solutions to optimize their production. Designed to meet the specific needs of each market -- finished product diversity, time-to-market, productivity and high-quality standards -- the success of the Vector range can be explained in particular by its high value-added solutions, which allow manufacturers to be more competitive and attain maximum profitability. This competitive advantage is all the more important in light of current increases in raw material prices -- representing on average over 50 percent of production costs -- which weigh heavily on industry professionals.
Lectra's cutting room, comprising the Diamino marker-making software offer, the Optiplan production order management and planning solution, and the Vector range, enables manufacturers to quickly achieve return on investment.
The latest generation of Vectors benefit in particular from "smart services," which provide real-time monitoring, operating software updates and a preventive maintenance program, along with a range of other high value-added services. Equipped with over 120 sensors that transmit data in real time, Vectors are able to maintain a continuous dialog from anywhere in the world with experts at Lectra's five international call centers. These experts can solve most problems remotely and without delay, attaining a record availability rate of more than 98 percent.
Since their launch in 1993, nearly 5,000 Vectors have been sold. In 2010, Vector sales increased 70 percent.
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