Lectra's New PLM Update Allows Easy Interface with ERP and CRM

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Lectra's New PLM Update Allows Easy Interface with ERP and CRM


Lectra has released its most recent PLM solution, Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0., which the company reports offers greater connectivity and configurability. Version 4.0 features the new Lectra Easy Connect, a series of pre-configured connectors that allow the solution to interface with other IT systems such as ERP and CRM.

These connectors ensure data integrity by facilitating a smooth and consistent flow of data between internal and external supply chain actors. The new version also improves connection to the design process by strengthening Adobe Illustrator integration via a new plug-in, Lectra reports.

Concretely, this means designers benefit from increased access to platform data such as bitmap and PDF files and photographs, while continuing to work in their native environments. Access to consistent data stored on the platform and the freedom to work with familiar creative tools makes onboarding new designers much easier.

Its new Lectra Easy Configure tool allows users to manage and organize data according to their own profile, company organization and data structure, for easy and round-the-clock access. This enables companies to become more agile, as users can access and analyze their data whenever they need to, quickly and without technical hiccups. 

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 streamlines day-to-day activities via an updated interface with new search and notification functions, and a dynamic and configurable portfolio view that allows users to monitor and direct collections with the help of dynamic data display. Users can receive alerts and information about styles and materials, for example, and create to-do lists quickly and easily on a daily basis.

Finally, product developers benefit from enhanced Tech Pack management that allows them more control over how tech packs are edited, extracted and shared with other actors in the supply chain.

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