Leveraging Technology to Create a Better Customer Experience


According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2022, U.S. e-commerce sales reached a total of $1.03 trillion, the first time it has ever exceeded the trillion dollar mark. Online shopping is not new to the market, but since the pandemic, it has continued to grow in usage yearly.  

Whether it’s online or in-store, retailers will need to continue to look for ways to innovate the retail customer experience to stay competitive in the market. This includes clienteling, omnichannel selling, and robust remarketing.

More than ever, it’s critical for retailers to meet the expectation of today’s digital-first consumers. Millennials and Gen-Z consumers make choices about their shopping experiences based on the way they interact with brands online and in-store, and they expect a seamless and personalized experience. 

Using a modern point of sale (POS) system that can be customized to your industry can make all the  difference in your store’s overall success, both in online and in-person sales. With a customizable POS that has integrations specific to your industry’s services and products, you can give your customers a better experience.

Below are a few examples of what the right POS system can offer to help build and keep your customer’s trust.

  1. Offer Online “Experiences” | Create unique online experiences that model the experience your customers would have in your store. For example, if you’re a music retailer, you can offer online school rentals. If you’re a clothing retailer, you can offer virtual styling appointments. This is where you can prove to your customers that both the online and offline shopping experience can be equal in value. This step can really set you apart from your competitors. 
  2. Share Your Story | Offering details about your history and mission can make it increasingly more relatable to the online community. Consumers also love the idea of supporting a small business with a clear mission. If you have a customer who is an online only shopper, this can give them that same personal connection but in a virtual manner. People like to know who they are supporting. If a customer is between choosing your store or another, your story could lead them to choosing you.
  3. Topnotch Customer Service | Creating a customer portal online where customers can see their purchase history, check rewards points, create a gift registry, and receive convenient text or email reminders about upcoming store events will make them far more likely to shop online with you again. There are many customer service tips to implement.  Offerings might include: personal customer service experience like connecting them to a representative via chat or video, or a loyalty incentives program. Customers like to feel heard and remembered. If you give your customers a loyalty program, this gives them another reason to want to shop with you again.
  4. Keep Your Inventory Up-to-Date | It is important to keep inventory current in order to avoid causing frustration with customers by overselling products online. An inventory system that syncs in-store and online purchases and automatically updates instantaneously is a must-have if you want to minimize stock-outs and customer disappointment. In addition, make sure your inventory is organized properly on your site. This will make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, making their online shopping experience sufficient and simple.

These are just a few simple ways that a modern cloud-based POS platform can lead to customer satisfaction and build a more memorable customer experience. 

Taylor Harnois is the general manager of MusicShop360.

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