Liberty Apparel Goes Live with Jesta


New York, NY -- August 22, 2007 - Jesta I.S., a leading supplier of business solutions for the

consumer product goods, soft goods and specialty industries announced today that Liberty

Apparel Inc., a New York-based manufacturer of women's apparel and jeans wear has

completed its implementation of the Jesta I.S. Vision Sourcing and Demand Management


Liberty Apparel has chosen the Vision Sourcing and Demand solution to streamline operations,

enhance and manage inventory movement and improve collaboration with its partners and

vendors to maximize consumer value.

Jesta I.S.'s Vision Sourcing and Demand Management will help bring Liberty Apparel products

to market faster, improve margins, and drive profitability. The implementation of Vision Sourcing

and Demand Management has enabled Liberty Apparel to replace many manual processes and

take advantage of automation and supply chain visibility.

Liberty Apparel is now able to manage multiple procurement production paths, capture accurate

purchase orders and shipment data at the style/color/identifier/size/dimension level and manage

purchase orders among multiple vendors and countries. The rich functionality of the integrated

modules such as the purchasing, production, inventory management, costing and planning will

deliver complete control over all of Liberty Apparel's sourcing activities.

Jesta I.S.'s Vision Demand Management allows enterprises to stay ahead of customer demand

and optimize delivery of available merchandise through the supply chain and ultimately to point

of sale. Users can manage all phases of order processing, prioritize allocation of existing

inventory, generate pick slip tickets and invoices, control return authorizations and issue credit

memos all within a single application.

By improving its technology infrastructure Liberty Apparel now has a platform for solid

productivity and growth while staying current and competitive in today's market. Adapting and

responding to the industry challenges of today, Liberty Apparel in has taken a necessary step to

manage growth.

"We needed a solution that provides demand driven inventory planning from the ground up.

Jesta I.S. provides the best solution to automate our manual processes and we believe Vision

Sourcing and Demand will play an integral role in our ability to grow the business," commented

Michael Fox, Chief Financial Officer for Liberty Apparel Inc.

"Jesta I.S. solutions have been responding to the needs of the soft goods market since their

inception and we continue to make great strides to meet the demands of our clients. Liberty

Apparel makes a great addition to our user community as each new client brings new ideas that

help guide our future developments. We are pleased that the implementation of Vision Sourcing

& Demand Management was successful and that Liberty Apparel already sees the benefits of

our solutions," stated Leslie Belcher, President of Jesta I.S. Inc.

About Liberty Apparel

Liberty Apparel is an importer and wholesaler of women's, men's and teen's apparel, selling to

department stores, chain stores and specialty shops throughout the United States. The

company has been in business since 1996.

About Jesta I.S.

Jesta I.S. is a leading supplier of business solutions leveraging more than 35 years of expertise

in supply chain management systems for manufacturers, distributors and retailers primarily in

the consumer goods, soft goods and specialty industries worldwide. Jesta I.S. is recognized for

its expertise, innovative products and services and its commitment to evolving business

solutions in today's rapidly changing business world. Jesta I.S. solutions process essential

business management information for well known industry leaders including Perry Ellis

International (NASDAQ: PERY), Genesco Inc. (NYSE: GCO), Town Shoes Limited, Tween

Brands. (NYSE: TWB), Cole Haan, Haggar Clothing Co., Cavender's Boot City and Maidenform

(NYSE: MFB) as well as many others. Additional information is available at

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