Lifetime Brands, Traeger & Whole Foods Sign On As Early Adopters of AWS Supply Chain

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Lifetime Brands, Traeger Grills, and Whole Foods have all signed on for AWS’s new supply chain platform. 

The cloud app, which is currently in preview in select U.S. regions and European regions, is designed to increase supply chain visibility by combining and analyzing data across multiple supply chain systems to provide manufacturers and retailers with real-time information. 

The unified data lake, machine-learning-powered insights are also expected to increase supply chain resiliency, as are the in-app collaboration capabilities and recommended actions. As part of this, it can contextualize information to provide real-time visual maps for inventory. 

Lifetime Brands, which includes such home product names as Farberware, KitchenAid, Sabatier, Swell, and Amco Houseworks in its portfolio, said the technology showed significant improvement in its statistical forecast baseline.  

“Our global focus and multi-tier access to customers motivates us to continually look for ways to increase our forecast accuracy so that we can better position supply in anticipation of our customers’ orders,” said Cliff Siegel, executive VP of global supply at Lifetime Brands, noting that they’re particularly interested in leveraging the supplier lead time insights to improve customer fill rates.

For Traeger Grills, which has partnered with AWS in the past, the last several years have stressed its supply chain and made it difficult to keep up with customer demand. Using the technology has shown to increase Traeger’s order forecasts accuracy by more than 35%, according to Bryan Carey, head of operations and analytics at Traeger Grills.

Finally, for Whole Foods Market, the food retailer sought a better view of when new inventory would arrive at its distribution centers. AWS Supply Chain combined data from their existing systems and then mapped inventory movement in real time at the product level. 

Leandro Balbinot, Whole Foods chief technology officer and senior VP, said the company expects the integrated view and predictive planning analytics to materially improve inventory management at its distribution centers.

This article first appeared on the site of sister publication CGT.

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