Light Sources 6500K CIE Pub 51


Light Sources 6500K CIE Pub 51 "BC" AA is the best,

D65 daylight or D75 EE the worst

daylight (D65 daylight is the

normal industry preference)

Incandescent Illuminant A 2856K

Fluorescent illumination, 4100K CIE Illuminant F2

(cool white fluorescent)

Additional sources as D50 for graphic arts,

necessary. F11 for retail, etc.

Illumination Intensity 112 footcandles* +/- 10% (100 - Within 20 % over

(1220 Lux) 125 ftcndl) (1080 the viewing area.

For critical to 1340 lux)

color matching

Background / surround Munsell N6 or N7 0.2 Max Chroma Munsell N5

(N7 most common) Gloss >15 on preferred in Europe

60 deg. scale

* As low as 50 fc (540 Lux) for light samples, 200 fc for dark samples.

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