Lilly Pulitzer Puts Customers First With Manhattan Associates Technology

Prints tell a story, and Lilly Pulitzer has something to say. The iconic women's apparel brand and retailer not only lights up a wardrobe, but soon it will also brighten its customers' shopping experience with Manhattan Associates, Inc.'s Point-of-Sale (POS), Clienteling, Store Inventory Management and Tablet Retailing applications.  Additionally, Lilly Pulitzer will implement Manhattan's Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimize its warehouse operations and deliver measurable return on investment.

Combined with Lilly Pulitzer's previous implementation of Manhattan's Enterprise Order Management and Store Fulfillment solutions, the new POS, Clienteling, Store Inventory Management, Tablet Retailing and WMS implementations will form the backbone of its Commerce-Ready Enterprise.

With Manhattan Associates' technology, Lilly Pulitzer store associates can access enterprise-wide inventory and rich customer data from their mobile devices—and gain the ability to:

Facilitate highly personalized interactions using a 360-degree view of customer transactions for better customer service.
Complete transactions anywhere from the store floor through a wide range of payment methods, including EMV, NFC, Apple Pay and more.
Sell items in the store and enter "save the sale" orders with a single swipe transaction.
Deliver product finders, look books, interactive demos, multimedia content and documentation through tablets on the show floor.
Lilly Pulitzer Chief Information and Logistics Officer Keary McNew will discuss the retailer's omni-channel strategy when he takes the main stage at Manhattan's highly anticipated Momentum 2015 on Monday, May 18.

"We are focused on making our products seamlessly available to our loyal customers through any channel they choose," said McNew. "Technology continually revolutionizes the way Lilly customers shop—raising the bar for how we deliver a customer experience that is as appealing, informative and economical as it is meticulous and efficient."

"It is imperative that retailers have the competency to see a complete, omni-channel view of the customer and any unit of inventory across the entire network, while effortlessly handling cross-channel transactions, such as returns and exchanges," said Brian Kinsella, vice president, product management, Manhattan Associates. "We are thrilled to work with an iconic brand like Lilly Pulitzer and a visionary IT team led by Keary."
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