Lilly Pulitzer Taps Manhattan Associates for Omnichannel Retailing

Lilly Pulitzer has selected Manhattan Associates' Enterprise Order Management and Store Order Fulfillment solutions to aid in creating a seamless customer experience by supporting its omni-channel retail capabilities. Manhattan's solutions will enable the company to build on brand loyalty by improving the shopping experience for its customers across channels, create a single view of customer transactions and inventory, and allow Lilly Pulitzer shoppers to control how and when they take delivery of the brand's products.

As Lilly Pulitzer's store network and e-commerce business grow, the company is focused on making its products seamlessly available to its loyal customers through any channel they choose. Orchestration of orders and network-wide inventory – enabled by Manhattan's solutions – will be critical in ensuring the availability of products to meet customer demand and the fulfillment of online orders via paths that best suit each customer's preference. Additionally, enablement of cross-channel returns and call center order capture will help create a consistent experience for the company's customers across touch points.

"With our growing business, the omni-channel capabilities Manhattan's solutions provide will afford us the ability to expand our market reach, drive online traffic to our new stores, and create a seamless experience for our customers," said Keary McNew, CIO, Lilly Pulitzer.

"Manhattan's depth of experience — both in terms of products and people — with large and successful omni-channel retailers was critical in our selection process." McNew continued. "It's important we uphold the promise of the Lilly Pulitzer brand and retain the loyalty of our customers; Manhattan's solutions enable our channels to operate together in making this happen."
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