This Lingerie Startup Says Its Demiette Is a "Bra Replacement"

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This Lingerie Startup Says Its Demiette Is a "Bra Replacement"

Ruby Ribbon, the Silicon Valley-based apparel company known for its shapewear-based collections, launched its new Demiette™, an easy-to-wear bra-replacement that lifts, supports, and defines without under wires and painful restrictions. Launching on Jan. 19, the Ruby Ribbon Demiette™ is available in a variety of sizes and designs through the company's nationwide network of Independent Stylists and its website.

This innovative product reflects Ruby Ribbon's response to the changing needs of American women, addressing both the need for real support while providing comfort and style. The average bra size is now 34DDa leap from the 34B it was just 20 years ago*.  At the same time, in part due to the pain underwires inflict on more endowed women, market share for sports bras has increased. That's not optimal: sports bras have the undesired side effect of compressing and flattening a woman's breasts.

By contrast, the wire-free Demiette™ lifts and supports while providing definition. The product's sophisticated construction incorporates learnings gathered through customer experience with a prototype that launched in 2016 and helped the company fine-tune the Demiette's ™ support, comfort and hold through a range of movement. The product will be launched in band sizes 32 through 44 and will feature six prints and colors.

"The Demiette will offer women a brand-new option to replace their bras, and could only be created by a company with intimate knowledge of women and their changing needs," said Anna Zornosa, CEO and founder. "Ruby Ribbon's experience selling millions of foundation and shaping garments to women of all sizes and shapes informed the design of a bra-alternative that can be used by all cup-sizes. And yes, we mean ALL cup sizes with no upper limits."

Ruby Ribbon's development processes leverage direct feedback received from its self-employed sales representatives and from its intimate relationship with customers. To develop the Demiette™, the company took this valuable insight to understand what women want from their undergarments. The verdict? Overwhelmingly, women of all agesand particularly those in their 20s and 30swant support, definition and comfort without an underwire.

*Source: 2013 survey conducted by lingerie retailer, Intimacy.