Liz Claiborne, Lucky Brand Jeans Optimize Online Marketing

Liz Claiborne and its Lucky Brand subsidiary use Coremetrics Analytics to deliver a new level of personalization and customer service online. Liz Claiborne and Lucky Brand will also use Coremetrics Intelligent Offer to automate cross sell and up sell efforts on their Web sites, and the Coremetrics LIVEmail e-mail marketing solution for e-mail campaigns. This combination of Coremetrics solutions will allow Liz Claiborne at the enterprise level to gain a deeper understanding of what customers are looking for when they come to any of the company's sites, using detailed data about customer behavior to build powerful, highly relevant marketing programs.

"Truly understanding what motivates our customers, what they expect every time they interact with us, and how they relate to our brands - whether they shop at or at - has never been more important than in today's hyper-competitive economy," says James Mount, Web Analytics Manager, Liz Claiborne. "We wanted an analytics vendor who understood that our business requires actionable data - hard numbers about customer behavior that we can then leverage to identify or anticipate market trends. Coremetrics Analytics will position us to take our online business to the next level."

Liz Claiborne's selection of Intelligent Offer and its decision to implement the solution both on its Liz Claiborne New York Web site and on the Lucky Brand site reflects the company's strategic decision to improve the customer's experience through highly relevant, targeted product recommendations. The adoption of automated product recommendations is an extension of the company's long-held philosophy of selling ensemble-driven sportswear as opposed to separates.

Further, the company plans to use LIVEmail at the enterprise level to leverage targeted email re-engagement as a means of driving new revenue streams. LIVEmail is a closed-loop e-mail marketing system that seamlessly links online profiles of customer activity with an e-mail vendor, giving companies the direct marketing tools necessary to engage with customers and align products and services with their on-site behaviors.
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