Localized Assortment Planning Aids Decision Making

QuantiSense, a retail analytics and decision orchestration solutions provider, has announced the addition of capabilities for localized assortment planning in its Decision Orchestration Platform. Q Localized Assortment provides buyers and planners with an automated scoring machine that analyzes assortments and items, store by store, across a number of performance areas.
Q Localized Assortments helps to address slow turns, inventory imbalances and under-performing locations by augmenting existing planning and allocation systems, improving the related pre-season and in-season assortment planning processes. The updated solution provides information that can help improve assortment mix and balance, drive higher sales, margins and inventory productivity.
The Decision Orchestration Platform includes analytics that automatically tag exceptions with the QuantiSense Retail Exception Engine and recommend the appropriate action. Using Q Localized Assortment merchants will be able to:
·         Monitor store performance with automated store-level scoring on a weekly basis
·         Review detailed results assortment by assortment and store by store
·         Score your store inventory by a range of factors including size productivity, price and depth
·         Track sales, sell thru inventory and gross margin performance at store grade and region
Providing executive dashboards and personalized Retail Scorebooks, the platform is designed to deliver business graphics – via desktop or mobile – that allow retailers to identify trends and locate problems.
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