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Location Based Services

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Location Based Services.

2020 Store Experience Study

2020 Store Experience Study: Convergence of Store and Digital Technology Redefines Retail

The 17th Annual Store Experience Study examines a transitional moment when the beauty and strength of stores combines with the efficiency and intelligence of digital technologies to create a convergence that redefines retail.

Why Retail Needs Physical Behavior Profiles

Brick and mortar must stop wasting physical location data. For too long, physical retailers have relied on outdated tactics to attract shoppers. The real and continued threat of online shopping means that physical players must unlock all data points.

The writing is on the digital display wall: the physical store of the future must be infused with technology if it’s going to survive. This exclusive RIS special report explores how retailers are rethinking their brick-and-mortar models and piloting new tech solutions today in order to develop the flourishing store of tomorrow.

The leading association for the consumer goods industry will now leverage first-party location data to illustrate trends at more than 30 key retailers.

This transaction will strengthen Accenture's Strategy with end to end service.

Download this Roadmap report and learn how innovative technology is helping forward-thinking retailers personalize the in-store experience and turn shoppers into buyers.

At Engage! 2016 attendees learned how leading retailers are building targeted engagements as close to a one-to-one interaction as possible.

This edition of Retail Digest focuses on two newer technology categories — IoT and beacons — and the dramatic impact they are having on the retail industry.

As a retail leader, you, perhaps better than any of your peers across industries, understand the competitive advantage brands can gain from recognizing and embracing trends early while minimizing planning and operational risks to the business.

This deep-dive study benchmarks the grocery segment's commitment to digital transformation in marketing, loyalty, online shopping, WiFi and more. Download now.

Stores have difficulty detecting shoppers and measuring their behavior anywhere except at the cash register. Compared to the online world, brick-and-mortar retailers are flying blind until the final moment of purchase. Because of this practice many business decisions are based on past sales, educated guesswork, and gut instinct honed by observing the success of previous guesses. There is a better way.

Retailers want to stop the bleeding from a multi-year decline in foot traffic and paltry gains in comparable-store sales. Fortunately, some have managed to increase conversion rates and market-basket sizes through a smart combination of process upgrades and new technologies. But the pressure keeps rising, so retailers are testing geolocation solutions to influence consumers in real-time and in the shopping moment. However, geolocation will not work for every retailer. Find out what you need to know before you invest.

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