LocatorX Gives Retailers Another Tool in the Counterfeit Battle

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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LocatorX is making it easier for retailers and brands to combat counterfeiting.

Companies can now use a Certified QR code to authenticate the legitimacy of their products with LocatorX’s Product Certificate Authority (PCA) solution. The codes can be applied to individual units, boxes, cartons, crates or pallets, providing brands and consumers access to an item’s current location and audit trail from its origin to protect against theft, counterfeiting and product diversion.

Certification ensures that logistics and supply chain partners are shipping, receiving and delivering authentic products in whatever form they’re shipped. Low-cost items are tagged with unique Certified Quick Response (CQR) codes while higher-value products receive tags with chips.

PCA works with LocatorX's ProductScan smartphone app to authenticate the legitimacy of any enrolled product, and the technology can also be used to grow consumer engagement with manufacturers.

“Counterfeiting and pirating of commercial goods is a massive global challenge,” said Pat Pickren, chief technology officer at LocatorX. “It’s estimated that roughly $1 trillion in commercial value was lost to counterfeit and pirated goods just five years ago, and that problem could triple by 2022. Not only does this affect a company’s bottom line, but it also damages their reputation and even their workforce.”