Loehmann's Improves Merchandise Management with Planning and Allocation Rollout

As a discount fashion retailer, Loehmann's needed a planning and allocation solution that could support its opportunistic merchandise buying because its buying processes aren’t tied to particular season, brand or style, rather when the retailer can negotiate a great deal. The retailer has selected its MID Retail's Advanced Merchandise Planning and Advanced Allocation software to forecast store-level demand, generate buying plans, and manage the flow of merchandise to retail stores.
The retailer's merchants need to plan for a full line of apparel available across the categories and sizes its customers want to find in each store without knowing what specific merchandise will fulfill the customer needs. As Loehmann's buyers are able to acquire the actual merchandise, the retailer must allocate to its stores based on real-time customer demand.
"Loehmann's offers an ever-changing selection of fashion merchandise at a range of price points, serving many different types of customers," said Josh Rosenfeld, senior vice president of planning and allocation for Loehmann's. "MID Retail's solution comes out on top for versatility and flexibility when it comes to store-level planning and allocation across all our lines."
Rosenfeld continued, "MID Retail's tight integration between the planning and allocation processes, as well as its ability to completely automate our allocation workflows will make our headquarters personnel more productive and ensure our customers experience strong in-stock positions at all our stores."
After reviewing various software options, Loehmann's selected MID Retail's Advanced Merchandise Planning and Advanced Allocation software because of its ability to add value across all of Loehmann's forecasting, planning and allocation processes.
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