Logility Launches Mobile App for Supply Chain Pros

Logility, Inc. launched a new app for Android and Apple that offers increased usability for highly mobile supply chain professionals.

The supply chain solutions provider's Logility Voyager Thumbprint™ delivers rapid access to supply chain insights and enables user to quickly update information and collaborate across the enterprise with key trading partners.

Immediate access and visibility to real-time information is critical to ensuring supply chain success in today's complex, multi-enterprise environments. Voyager Thumbprint delivers several key supply chain capabilities including:
  • Mobile collaboration for consensus sales planning between the customer, supplier, carrier, sales, and supply chain teams to improve forecast accuracy, quickly resolve issues and fuel a collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) process
  • Real-time delivery of advanced supply chain analytics that allow users to quickly understand the trade-offs on business goals and objectives
  • Removes latency from the decision making process by providing users immediate access to the latest information
  • Enables mobile users to engage in the S&OP process with live data allowing organizations to remove the reliance on error-prone spreadsheets and provides the ability to view the impact of decisions on the supply chain
  • Monitor and report on plan versus actual performance to keep the organization on the right path towards success
"Business happens in the office, at the coffee shop, at a customer site, even while on an airplane," said Allan Dow, president, Logility. "Today's supply chain teams need immediate access to relevant information regardless of where they are located. Logility Voyager Thumbprint puts key supply chain information at their fingertips in a form factor they are familiar with and will always have with them."  
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